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The Crest Hotel

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18 September, 2020
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The Crest Hotel is an award-winning example of the quintessential South Beach boutique destination. Its Art Deco revival architecture and interior design harken back to the neighborhood’s glory days of glowing neon and pastel color palettes that reflected the bright blues of the South Florida water and sky. Just steps away from the shopping and nightlife offered by Lincoln Road and Ocean Boulevard, the hotel’s owners knew they enjoyed a prime location; what they didn’t have however, was the right team in place to execute their vision. This was further complicated by the fact that they were located out of state—Argentina, to be exact.

That’s where we came in.
The ownership group attempted to design their project and didn’t feel that they were truly encapsulating their vision. Without the right look and feel, the project was dead in the water. Fortunately, this was an issue we’d encountered before, and is precisely why our team has invested heavily in our state-of-the-art 3D rendering technology.

Our incredibly accurate renders allow our partners to truly see their vision come to life before work begins. Combined with our own design expertise, we provided the Crest Hotel’s owners with an even more inspired concept—one that was not only better than the original, but also reestablished confidence in its execution.

Of course, taking the reins from an in-house team is never easy. We went above and beyond over the course of this year-long project to win the client’s trust and faith. By quickly providing the right tools for the job, and mitigating risk by offering the 3D renders, we fostered a strong relationship with no surprises or buyer’s remorse.
James L Knight Center updated flooring by CIC

james l knight center flooring by cic

Our forward-thinking investment in technology is what puts us in the same league as larger construction and renovation firms, but we surpass them in our ability to serve customers and retain relationships. This unique combination is what won us the job, and resulted in a beautiful boutique hotel on the shores of one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations.

The Crest Hotel


April, 2019

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