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Stephen P. Clark Center

Miami-Dade Permitting Center
9 June, 2021
Marlins Park
5 April, 2021
Hop into the CIC time machine and travel back 20 years to when we first completed the Stephen P. Clark government center in Miami-Dade!
As a large project on the books and a short deadline, the Stephen P. Clark renovation project required all hands on deck. Originally set on hiring a larger contractor, the group in charge had a few specifications they required from their intended contractor—including being a woman of color-owned business. Though a smaller firm, Eloise saw the perfect opportunity to showcase her work as one of the only hands-on, immigrant, and women-owned contracting companies in Miami. Knowing she had one chance to prove herself, she went ahead and put a bid in for the job.

Eventually winning the bid for this large project, Eloise then went about assembling and managing two teams to ensure the job would be completed within the short deadline. As if this wouldn’t be challenging enough, the team would need to manage the renovation while the 28-floor tower was completely occupied. Establishing a game plan prior to executing the work in the most efficient way possible given the circumstances was crucial.

With Eloise’s leadership, the teams were able to pack up all of the furniture from the rooms they were working in, complete the carpet installation section-by-section, and put it all back where it belonged without a scratch, or evidence of any change (Except for the brand-new carpet, of course)!
CIC Miami-Dade Stephen P Clark Center

Completing the project in a record 18 months and without a single hiccup, Eloise and CIC defied the odds and managed to build a relationship that would last more than 30 years! We are grateful for every opportunity to showcase our work, even as a small business taking on the largest and most challenging of projects.


Stephen P. Clark Center


June, 2001

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