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Miami-Dade Permitting Center

Broward Traffic Engineering Operations
Broward Traffic E.O.B.
7 July, 2021
Stephen P. Clark Center
4 May, 2021
Renovation can be tricky and tedious, especially in a fully-operational office space. Such a challenge may even deter many companies from performing renovations, or even delaying them to a later time. For the CIC team, we always carefully coordinate with our clients to find a way to complete the job without affecting their day-to-day operations while keeping the project timeline in mind. For some contractors, the simple solution is to work when the office isn’t open—but that was not an option for this project!
In 2018, CIC was tasked with completing a renovation for the fully-operational Miami-Dade Permitting Center. This project was nothing that we hadn’t encountered before, nor were the challenges presented. Since the Miami-Dade Permitting Center is open nearly 24 hours, a roadblock was presented as there would be no time of the day when the office wasn’t operational. Additionally, there were cubicles strewn throughout the office, making it even more difficult to renovate the flooring. The solution presented by our team was to lift all existing furniture while the renovation was being completed–including the cubicles. Our team methodically lifted the cubicles while keeping them intact for a swift preparation and completion of flooring installation.

Before starting any project, it is important to understand the needs and goals of our clients to ensure they are choosing the best materials for their intended use. With different areas requiring different flooring, our team came together to help choose the perfect products, which included Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in higher traffic areas, while installing custom Cushion Back Tile in lower traffic spaces in order to aid sound absorption and offer a softer impact.
Miami-Dade Permitting Center by CIC
As the later hours in the day are known to have less traffic in the building, the team got started working in a 9:00PM - 4:00AM daily shift. Using the lifts methodically, the team went section-by-section adhering to the very tight schedule of the project to ensure a minimal amount of disruption at all times. With different areas requiring different solutions, this preparation was key to ensuring longevity based on the specific needs of each area.

Staying on track throughout the project, the team completed this 8,000 yard renovation with time to spare, and minimal disruption to the building and workers. Completing this project with a full team and our lift system Amadeus extremely proud! At CIC, we take every challenge head on with the mentality that there is no problem we can’t solve.
“I couldn’t be any more proud of our team. They face these challenges head on in the best way possible, ensuring our clients interests are at the forefront of every project.”

- Francisco Geller, Co-Owner, CIC.


Miami Dade Permitting Center


December, 2018

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