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Miami International Airport – Terminal J

MDC – EJP Campus Lobby
13 November, 2020
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Andalusia Condominiums
18 September, 2020
Summer is perhaps the official season of the City of Miami, as many travel from across the world to enjoy the shimmering beaches, diverse nightlife, and eclectic culture. As 2020 put travel plans on an indefinite hold for many however, the City of Miami used the time to prepare for future international visitors in years to come. Among the many current renovations throughout the region are several projects taking place at Miami International Airport; and CIC was fortunately selected to renovate the well-known Terminal J—a familiar undertaking, having first worked on the iconic terminal over 15 years ago.
In 1993, CIC’s founder, Eloise Gonzalez, and the CIC team were awarded the reconstruction of the largest international Terminal in Miami International Airport, Terminal J. Building upon this legacy, CIC was again entrusted with the project by the Miami Dade Aviation Department, and charged with a bigger and even better remodel. Eager for the opportunity to work on what was one of his mother’s most cherished projects, Francisco Geller quickly tapped the CIC design team to begin planning. As COVID-19 has changed the function of many day-to-day operations, Francisco had to innovate, working remotely and relying on our advanced 3D rendering and modeling systems to plan the redesign. This project consisted of remastering the carpet tile and each individual gate within Terminal J.

These unique features are more vibrant than most airport terminals, encapsulating the true nature of Miami life, and pushing the envelope of commercial design. Using rich materials and our industry-leading rendering and design technology, we were able to easily collaborate with the on-site designer and demonstrate the dynamism and durability of the terminal through more than 500 3d-rendered images prior to venturing onsite.
James L Knight Center updated flooring by CIC
MIA terminal J revamp by CIC
MIA Terminal J remodel by CIC in Miami
“We wanted this Terminal to express how beautiful and diverse the City of Miami is, so in collaboration with the MDAD designer we conceived of each gate independently, but in conjunction with existing design features throughout the terminal.”

- Francisco Geller, Co-Owner, CIC.

james l knight center flooring by cic
beautiful flooring in MIA Terminal J
renewed flooring in terminal J MIA
Efficiency is a key element when it comes to reconstruction, especially when it is in a highly-trafficked area such as MIA. Thanks to our ever-evolving technology and construction strategies, we were able to complete the entire project in 30% less time than in 1993, over a total timeline of six-weeks. CIC’s focus on innovation and design paid off, as we were nominated for a Design and Installation Award as well as earning a feature article in Floor Trends.

“As a small business, my mother and I have dedicated our lives to grow CIC into what it is today, and I am thankful to work on the same projects she did when she first founded the company.” - Francisco Geller, CIC

Miami International Airpot


September, 2020

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