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MDC – EJP Campus Lobby

Adrienne Arsht Center
25 January, 2021
cic does mia terminal j project
Miami International Airport – Terminal J
18 September, 2020
It’s no secret that relationships are the foundation of small businesses including our team at CIC, which is why we are grateful for the many opportunities we have to establish and build those relationships, including our very own Eloise Gonzalez’s alma-mater, Miami-Dade College at the Eduardo J Padron Campus lobby. Eloise started out at Miami-Dade College as one of the very few women in the renovation and construction program under the mentorship of Eduardo J Padron, the president of the college at the time. Under his stewardship, Eloise was rewarded a scholarship to continue her education and complete the program.
Formally known as the InterAmerican Campus, the Eduardo J Padron Campus is located in Little Havana and home to the School of Education, the Honors College-Dual Language Program, Translation and Interpretation Studies program, and the Learning Resource Center. The Miami-Dade College foundation understood the impact that Mr. Padron has had on students over his career, including Eloise, and deemed the InterAmerican Campus renamed in his honor. In addition to the renaming, a fresh renovation was also determined necessary, to further celebrate the impact and legacy that Mr. Padron has had on Miami-Dade College community.

To best show Mr. Padron’s legacy, Miami-Dade College felt it only fitting to have one of his former students take on the job; and that’s where CIC came in. Eloise was enthusiastically embraced the project, and was excited to work on the surprise renovation dedicated to an educator who had a deep significance on her life and professional career.
Andalusia Condominium flooring project by CIC
“It is projects like these that we are eternally grateful for the relationships we’ve made and ability to work on projects like these to help beautify our local community.”

- Eloise Gonzalez, Founder, CIC.

Working directly with campus planners, an architect, and the president of the campus, the project’s goal was to imbue the lobby with top design aspects as well as the functionality required for a high-traffic area. Fortunately, combining a welcoming atmosphere with durability is a CIC specialty. Designing the tile and providing 3D renderings created for approval, these ended up exceeding the initial vision of the planners.

Once ground broke on the project, obstacles quickly arose, including incorrect previous work. Upon removal of the flooring, we were confronted by a deteriorated, crumbling sub-flooring. This is nothing we haven’t seen before as many other contractors are more concerned with completing the job than doing it correctly. Thankfully, we have the best renovation team in South Florida. Our team installed a moisture barrier prior to installing the new tile, to ensure this would not happen again. From here, our team was able to install the tile we designed, the acoustic and decorative panels, and baseboards, all in addition to painting, and placing wallpaper.

In typical CIC fashion, we finished the project ahead of schedule even with the unforeseen setbacks. This project was near and dear to Eloise and the CIC team, and we were thrilled to be a part of an amazing renovation that would pay homage to Eduardo J Padron.

Miami Dade College


August, 2019

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