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MDC AI Center

Frost Museum – The Oculus
12 May, 2023
Luma Condominiums
14 April, 2022
Within Miami-Dade College’s North Campus lies the new 13,000 sq. ft. Artificial Intelligence Center, located on the second floor of Building 1. This newly designed center will be the hub for all workshops, classes, lectures, and other activities for students looking to take their learning to the next level using state-of-the-art AI technology. Consisting of computing labs, multi-use spaces, creative-thinking rooms, and robotics labs, this new facility is the perfect space for students to take their projects from design to prototypes and beyond.
CIC had a great part in the design process, as the original plan was not optimal for the project. Our team was able to step in and make recommendations based on the needs and functionality of the facility, while also troubleshooting.

For example, this was on an access floor, and had tubing already installed. A range of flooring materials were used throughout the facility based on the needs and functionality of each room.

The complete scope of the project consisted of flooring and baseboard installation. Seamless flooring design for the facility ranged from LVT and Carpet to Static Dissipative Flooring, and even Epoxy tiles. Exceeding the expectations of the clients, this installation was built to last using locally-sourced and durable products.
MDC AI Center

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