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Marlins Park

Stephen P. Clark Center
4 May, 2021
Adrienne Arsht Center
25 January, 2021
Baseball is back in full “swing,” so what better time to commemorate CIC’s home run renovation of Marlins Park back in 2012?
Like any athlete, priorities are crucial to a well-functioning schedule, and the same can be said for renovation–especially under a tight deadline. Already boasting experience from working on the American Airlines Arena as well as the Adrienne Arsht Center, Founder and CEO Eloise Gonzalez knew that her dedication and perseverance would help secure this project for CIC. Though she was facing challenges at home and dealing with many emotions, she vowed not to allow that to affect her work, and dove right into the Marlins Park renovation project.

The team knew they were facing a massive project, starting with the installation of resilient flooring and decorative fritz tile throughout the stadium, plus architectural changes including the columns and concession tile. With four teams on the job however, Eloise was never concerned with delivering on time.

Still, the tight deadline loomed large. In addition, the amount of work required for the flooring and architectural needs necessitated a large crew and obsessive dedication to detail, which is fortunately a CIC specialty. Eloise was on-site any chance she could to help ensure the project progressed efficiently and correctly. Though dealing with problems within her personal life, she knew that her dedication would pay off once the project was completed.
CIC Miami Adrienne Arsht Center Project
“During this project, I felt vulnerable, but I was not going to let that stop me from getting the job done because I find comfort and joy in what I do.” – Eloise Gonzalez

Finishing ahead of schedule six months later, Eloise and the CIC team’s perseverance paid off. Even when facing adversity in her personal life, Eloise proved again that her quality of work and love for her community would never be compromised.

Marlins Park


April, 2012

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