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James L. Knight Center

fiu school of hospitality project
FIU School of Hospitality
16 July, 2020
There’s always plenty of excitement to go around leading up to the Super Bowl. With Super Bowl LIV taking place in Miami, many stores, venues, hotels, and other businesses across the city were in a rush to prepare—including some of our own clients. Once the James L. Knight Center was selected to host the NFL Network broadcasts for the week of the Big Game, the administration made the intuitive decision to turn to their partner of over a decade; and who was most familiar with their needs and expectations: Commercial Interior Contractors.
Francisco and Eloise immediately met with the team at the James L. Knight Center to discuss their vision for the space. The most pressing aspect was the more than 7,000 yards of print carpet, which needed to be switched out for solution-based nylon in order to meet the new aesthetic, acoustic, and durability requirements. While the job itself was no problem, the tight window available for completion presented a challenge. The team got to work right away.

As with all flooring projects, samples were ordered and presented to the client, helping to ensure confidence in their final decision. Initially, we presented 20 different examples—all of which we felt could match the performance and aesthetic needs of the Center. Upon client review however, none were the right fit. That’s when we suggested we place a custom order.

Unfortunately, a custom flooring commission can be a lengthy undertaking when not executed properly. Thanks to our years of extensive research and relationships with top manufacturers however, we were confident we could secure a smooth process. This meant regular check-ins with the manufacturers and updates for the client. Once received, we conducted a thorough internal quality check, with the final pieces not being presented until Francisco and Eloise had given their own personal seals of approval.
James L Knight Center updated flooring by CIC
“Commitment to our clients and exceeding their expectations makes everything we do so worth it.”

- Francisco Geller, Co-Owner, CIC.

Satisfied, it was time for installation. Only three weeks remained before the main network for the country’s most popular sport would be setting up shop, so failure was not an option. 15 days later, the final section was laid, and the project was completed.

We know that when it comes to your project, we aren’t just building a space—we’re building a partnership. This emphasis on relationships is what helps set us apart. Our decade-long relationship with the James L. Knight Center won us their confidence, while our relationships with high-quality and reliable manufacturers won us the job. It’s the same level of trust and commitment that we bring to everything we do, no matter the size or scope.

“Missing deadlines is not something we even consider at CIC. We will do everything to meet our deadlines.” - Francisco Geller


James L. Knight Center


February, 2019

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