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EJP – Student Services Center

Broward’s Quiet Waters Park
14 November, 2021
Broward Traffic Engineering Operations
Broward Traffic E.O.B.
7 July, 2021
Challenges are the norm for the construction and renovation industry, but approach and execution are what set apart average and exceptional contractors. The CIC team knows challenges all too well, especially when it came to our project at the Miami Dade College Eduardo J Padron (EJP) Student Services Center.
If you read our previous project article on the EJP lobby, you already knew that our team had already faced mistakes made by previous contractors, but what about the issues that couldn’t be predicted? When we started on this project, we quickly realized there’d be a unique level of difficulty given this was a specialty access floor. This meant our team couldn’t enter and exit as they pleased, as special access was required to get onto the floor. This presented a problem when our team could not fit some of the required furniture onto the elevator from the building lobby.

Quick on our feet, our team had to get creative with how they were going to accomplish this task and complete the renovation. The solution was to create a completely separate lifting and scaffolding system to move everything up, while also avoiding any damage to the building or the furniture.
Broward Traffic Engineering Operations by CIC
Our team could finally get started on this full-scale project. From 10,000 sq ft of carpeting to new custom acoustical panels using our unique lift system, CIC went full steam ahead to get this completed with efficiency and longevity, and to the client’s satisfaction.

Finishing in a little over a month and a half, every challenge was conquered and the job was completed, continuing our goal to always exceed our client’s expectations. Keeping an open mind when it comes to our services and our execution is nothing less than standard practice for our team at CIC.


EJP - Student Services Center


June, 2018

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