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Broward’s Quiet Waters Park

Luma Condominiums
14 April, 2022
EJP – Student Services Center
10 August, 2021
There is no project too large or too small for CIC, and our latest project at Broward County’s Quiet Waters Park is a perfect example of that! Though this project was on the smaller side of our recent run of projects, our team still gave it our full attention until completion.
The design behind the job came straight from the client’s needs—something ideal for easy cleaning, with a simple aesthetic and a quick install time. This is the case for many of our corporate clients, but as everyone’s vision is different, we ensured that the Quiet Waters Park team was happy with our recommendations before we began the renovation. As this was a first-time client for us, we worked extra hard to make sure everything was perfect and exceeded their expectations throughout the process—starting with the appropriate flooring choice.

After discussions with the client, we decided this blue and grey carpet tile was the perfect choice for their revitalized office space.
Broward County's Quiet Waters Park
Once we had the design nailed, it was time to get started. Our team of experts went in and worked hard to get this project completed correctly and efficiently. In only two days, our team was able to complete this 240 sq-yd project, relying on only best practices. At CIC, we approach every project as if it were being done at our own office, and we ended up ecstatic with the look of this carpet tile!

From 240 square yards to 24,000 square yards—the CIC team has your next renovation covered. Working within your budget and timeline, we ensure our team will exceed your expectations from start to finish.


Broward County's Quiet Waters Park


October, 2021

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