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Andalusia Condominiums

cic does mia terminal j project
Miami International Airport – Terminal J
18 September, 2020
the crest hotel by cic, complete
The Crest Hotel
16 July, 2020
They say there’s no place like home. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than here in Miami. The numerous glass-walled skyscrapers and beautifully designed condominiums are make up one of the most enticing and recognizable cityscapes in the world. We had the opportunity to help revitalize one of those condominiums to meet those ever-increasing Miami standards by way of a complete floor redesign.

The Andalusia Condominium Association required a design that their residents would be proud to come home to everyday, and excited to show off to guests—and this is where our design collaboration began. Thanks to previous relationships we have established, many of Andalusia's current residents were familiar with CIC, and thus were eager for our work to begin in their building.
In order to be as well-informed as possible going into the project, we researched the history and architectural style of the building prior to meeting for our design briefing. This level of pre-preparation is necessary to ensure our ideas would pay homage to these classic aspects. Inspired by the style of Addison Mizner, the CIC team knew that aesthetics would play a major role in this project, but we were also challenged by the durability requirements that come with a high traffic area.

Leading up to the project, residents had expressed their displeasure with the flooring, as it was traditional bleached carpeting throughout the entire building. The deliberation pertaining to the carpeting was important, as the association had to ensure they were making the right decision—and we were ready to help provide our expertise. None of the many color schemes and options of tile seemed to fit the look that this project required, so CIC set to creating a custom colored and modular tile that matched the aesthetics and provided the durability that Andalusia was looking for.
Andalusia Condominium flooring project by CIC
“We take pride in our practices, ensuring every project is done correctly. Precision and efficiency are just the start of CIC’s impeccable standards.”

- Francisco Geller, Co-Owner, CIC.

Ahead of schedule, CIC went to work on the installation of the U-shaped condominium building, with each corner having a custom tile made for the curvature of the structure. With each turn, we ensured the corner pieces were in line with the hallway carpeting, a process that incorporate dry line in order to measure and precisely match everything. While we remained as detail-oriented as ever, the project was still finished ahead of schedule—at a remarkable duration of only two-weeks.

As the design aspect was a major concern, we took the time to confirm that Andalusia's residents were happy with the final product, and that it matched the upscale architecture and lifestyle these tenants demanded and deserved.

“As we are designing this flooring, it is our responsibility to ensure these tenants are happy and feel good when they return home.” - Francisco Geller


Andalusia Condominium Association


April, 2019

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